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"Is the Drill Checked Out?"

Living in the tundra of the Midwest, REALTORs are masters of coming up with clever ways to deal with the elements. How else would you put a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Professionals sign in the frozen ground without hurting yourself or having to explain why you have so many broken signs?

Option 1:

The CBREP office has the luxury of a kitchen with the ever so popular Go-Go Juice Station or what most people know as the coffee machine. You won't be needing more energy in this case, but the "Lift For Hot Water" red handle and a water bottle or thermos instead. Just pour some of that hot water on the ground, wait a minute to do its magic, and hope that rock solid ground will thaw enough so the sign can be placed in the yard.

Option 2:

Did you think that was pretty slick? Well the absolute best of all is "The Drill". This is not just any drill. It's amazing what a BOSCH 18 volt drill with a 1/2 in. x 12 in. masonry bit (insert Tim grunt here) can do to the frozen ground. Line up the sign, aim and drill two spots and place the sign. Minimal effort needed, fast, and no thaw time required! Oh, and please don't forget to put the drill in a nearby snow bank before returning the drill. A dirty drill will result in a look from the front desk.

For more REALTOR insights. Stay tuned.

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